Situated on the edge of the second most populous city in the USA, is a hidden treasure of a community, South Pasadena.  I have made this town my home since 2005 and immediately began to photograph intimate portraits of the streets, back roads, homes, people, events, shops, flora and everything in between. Taking my camera as I venture into South Pasadena’s neighborhoods gives me an excuse to “look closer” at what I otherwise might pass by. As I walk across the three square-miles, I am endlessly discovering something unique, beautiful, and rare. I’ve climbed onto rooftops, biked on Route 66, hung out on friends’ porches and engaged with many of the 26,000 people that give South Pasadena a strong sense of place and community.  
Into the Unknown was born from my passion as a photo-ethnographer and storyteller. I’ve been roaming the city as an integral part of my personal journey, and this documentary project is far from over. Many of the images capture new perspectives of familiar places. I enjoy juxtaposing my images with reflections and textures of our urban landscape combining the old with the new. Experimenting with light and dark enhances the intrigue of the everyday moment. I appreciate how the black and white of my images taps into a deeper vision of what we might otherwise take for granted, a fresh visual interpretation of the day to day. I strive to capture the subtleties of the world and offer an impression of the ever-changing environment that reflects the tremendous vitality of South Pasadena. ​​​​​​​



outside in 


tea time 

passing by 

night flight 

into the unknown 

the yard 

up on the roof 

rooster roof 











innocent play

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